Add Data Visualizations to Your Articles

HiGeorge creates data visualizations that you can drag-and-drop into articles. No data background required. We make sense of data so that you don’t have to.
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Turn-key Visualizations

All visualizations are ready-to-use, include the necessary datasets, and require no coding whatsoever. Just choose what you want and drag and drop into WordPress.

The HiGeorge Visualization Library

Our library contains a wide array of interactive data visualizations to supplement different articles and storylines - all of which can be localized to any region and customized to meet specific requirements.

Auto updated with latest data
Summary information for each metric
Why us

Loved by Journalists, Engaging for Readers

HiGeorge believes in the democratization of data visualizations. We are committed to helping newsrooms enhance their existing reporting and further reader understanding.
Increase Engagement

Readers are able to interact with our visualizations, thereby increasing engagement and pageviews

Easy to Deploy

Embed into WordPress (or any other CMS) with a simple copy/paste

AI-Powered Reporting

Increase your breadth of coverage without additional resources by leveraging the power of AI